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We customize all kinds of optical components, photoelectric parts for you.

The company not only provides professional technical services, but also establishes a perfect after-sales service system.

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Dachang is trustworthy, real self-production and self-marketing, strength only quality

01Strong strength and rich industry experience

Focus on all kinds of optical components, optoelectronic parts research and development, processing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

The company has 6000 square self-purchased plant, the implementation of dust-free management, the workshop can achieve constant temperature production requirements;

02Technological innovation, advanced equipment

With excellent technical team, professional processing team and advanced production equipment, master the core technology and perfect manufacturing process of precision optical materials and optical devices production and processing;

To provide customers with a large number of long-term, stable ultra-precision materials and other optical devices and products;

03Strict quality control quality assurance

With a group of professional testing equipment, high-quality raw materials, to ensure the product yield;

Strict control of quality standards, quality assured, rich experience, all products have passed the strict test before the factory, effectively solve the customer's after-sales worries.

04Attentive service,perfect after-sales

Complete the task with quality and quantity within the specified time, without delay and on time delivery! Address your concerns.

7*24 hours fast response; Professional one-to-one after-sales service to solve various problems for you. We will provide you with affordable economy, good quality products; Provide perfect after-sales service, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us.

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Focus on all kinds of optical components, optoelectronic parts research and development,
processing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises

Trigon Optics Co.,Ltd.

A high-tech enterprise, after years of development, is currently divided into two divisions:

Optical components: Mainly engaged in sapphire (AI2O3), quartz, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, germanium, silicon, sulfur glass, calcium fluoride (magnesium, barium) and other extremely hard and brittle crystal materials products and related optical components research and development, processing, sales as one.

Photoelectric spare parts: The company independently develops and produces infrared thermal imaging lenses, such as manual focusing lens, electric focusing lens, non-thermal lens, double lens, double vision acoustic lens, medium wave cooling lens, sight lens, fisheye lens, etc.

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On September 16, 2023, General Manager and Master Song attended the Light fair held by Changchun University of Science and Technology


On September 16, 2023, the general manager and Master Song attended the light fair held by Changchun University of Science and Technology to introduce the company and recruit technical personnel.

Sapphire optics


Sapphire optics can be used in a variety of applications requiring high durability or a large spectral range, including semiconductors, FTIR spectroscopy or FLIR imaging.

  • Sapphire application


    Good performance, become the most widely used oxide substrate material, mainly used as semiconductor film substrate material, large-scale integrated circuit substrate and so on.

  • Function of lens


    1; Because the lens has a strong ability to gather light, it is used to light the road, not only the road is bright, but also clear. 2; Because the light dispersion is very small, its light range is farther and clearer than ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, you can see things in the distance at the…

  • What is sapphire glass


    SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL generally refers to synthetic sapphire, which is very different from natural sapphire, which is commonly understood as jewelry, and is generally used in the manufacture of watch mirrors.

  • Sapphire glass


    Sapphire glass. Similar to the composition of steel jade, hardness of 9, can be added by various chemical elements, generate a variety of colors. Now it's colourless. Its advantages are higher than ordinary glass hardness, the price is relatively high, mainly used for the production of high-end watc…

  • What is sapphire crystal rod and its application


    Sapphire crystal rod is aluminum oxide crystal, used to produce sapphire substrate